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What is a Eco Solar skylight tube?
A Tubular skylight is a product that transfers natural sunlight in through a reflective tube. The result is a useable light that lightens up dark spaces and rooms throughout your home or business. The technology used to accomplish this is a super reflective light shaft and precise engineered diffusers.

Why use Eco Solar tubular skylight?
Eco Solar tubes are made of a Revolutionary product called“Alanon Miro-Silver” which generates the highest quality of light. Eco Solar Tubes skylights Roof Domes are made of ¼” high impact acrylic made with a one piece aluminum flashing tested to with stand 800lbs. Most competitors can only with stand 35lbs. Enjoy the brilliance of Solar Lighting in any dark room of your home, office or industry.

How do I know the right size Eco Solar skylight tube to use for my room?

10 Inch solar skylight tube.Covers a area up to 150 sq. feet or less. About a 12’ x 12’ area.This would include areas such as: Hallways,Bathroom,walk-in closets, pantries, and laundry rooms.(Lumens up to 3750)

13” Inch solar skylight tubes: covers 150sq. feet to 250’sq.feet.About a 16 x 16’ area. This would include areas such as: kitchens,living rooms,family room,foyers, and garages. (Lumens up to 6500)

18” Inch solar skylight tubes: covers 300sq.feet-500sq.feet. About 20’ x 20’ area. This would include areas such as: Rooms with vaulted ceilings,family rooms,great rooms, garages. (Lumens up to 11000.)

Will the Eco Solar Skylight Tube work on cloudy days?
YES! Eco Solar skylight tubes are made with a highly engineered patented reflective system called “Alanon Miro-Silver” which transfers light down to the room with minimal light loss on cloudy days. Our state of the art optic technology incorporated into the light pipe allows light coming from any direction to be transferred down the tube, allowing the best light output possible.

Is the Roof dome material durable?
Yes. Our Eco Solar skylight dome are not only Hurricane rated, they have one of the highest impact ratings in the industry. Tested to withstand 800Lbs high impact acrylic with UV stabilizers, vacuum-formed,seal locked onto aluminum Dome Ring. Engineered to eliminate heat and moisture.

Is placement on the roof important?
The best location for any solar device is to install the device in direct sun light. Installing Eco Solar Skylight tubes work anyplace on your roof.

How long does it take to install Eco Solar skylight?
Typical installation by a homeowner is about 2 hours with common everyday tools. Installation of the Eco Solar skylight tube does not void the warranty.

I dont want to install it myself... Do you have a certified installer in my area?
We are developing a nation wide network of installers and we most likely have one in your area. Take a look at our solar skylight tube installers page to find an installer near you. If you do not see an installer in your area PLEASE CALL US as we probably close to acquiring an installer near you.

What do I need to know before I order my Eco Skylight Tube?

Standard Kit Contents
10 Inch Solar Tube

Each of our Solar tube kits comes with these items standard:

2 - 24" solar light tube sections
1 - flat or pitch roof flashing
1 - dome assembly
1 - diffuser of your choice
1 - tube of sealant
1 - roll of duct tape
1 - packet of screws
1 - installation instructions

Determining Tube Size
Our solar tube kits come in three sizes. This information will help you pick the right tube size for your project.
10 Inch Solar Tube 10" Inch solar tube: Covers an area up to 150' square feet or less. (About a 12’ x 12’ area). This would include areas such as: hallways, bathrooms, walk-in closets, pantries, and laundry rooms.(Lumens up to 3750)
13 Inch Solar Tube 13” Inch solar tubes: Covers 150 - 250' square feet. (About a 16' x 16’ area). This would include areas such as: kitchens, living rooms, family room, foyers, and garages. (Lumens up to 6500)
Prismatic Domed Diffuser 18” Inch solar tubes: Covers 300 - 500' square feet. (About 20’ x 20’ area). This would include areas such as: Rooms with vaulted ceilings, family rooms, great rooms, garages. (Lumens up to 11000.)
Roof Type
As you place an order for a solar tube kit you will notice we require you to specify your roof type. This is required so that we can deliver the right type of flashing for your roof type.
Prismatic Domed Diffuser Flat Roof
Flashing has a 4" wide base to seal firmly onto a flat roof. Seamless design is made from non –corrosive aluminum.

Included in the Kit - No Additional Cost.
Prismatic Domed Diffuser Pitched Roof
Pitched roof flashing comes standard with a 4” height (6” and 8” are available for maneuvering around certain obstacles, please contact us for more information).

Included in the Kit - No Additional Cost.
Prismatic Domed Diffuser

Pitched Roof with Concrete or Spanish (Clay) Tiles
For concrete or spanish tile roofs, an aluminum skirt is required for installation.

If you are installing our solar tube kit on this type of roof you will need to purchase the aluminum skirt, please find it in our Solar Light Tubes category.

Choosing A Diffuser
These diffusers help focus or spread the light coming into your home or office space through the light tube.

Prismatic Domed Diffuser

The Prismatic Domed Diffuser is the most common style, it brings in bright white light spreading into a broad area and illuminating the room the most on any kit size.

Prismatic Flat Diffuser

The White Domed Diffuser and the White Flat Diffuser have the same qualities as the prismatic except that they actually slightly dim the daylight that comes through the Solar Light Tubes.

Prismatic Flat Diffuser

The Prismatic Flat Diffuser offers the same bright light as the Prismatic Domed Diffuser but offers more of spotlight effect.
White Flat Diffuser The White Flat Diffuser is similar to the prismatic only it hones the light stream into a more defined beam than the Prismatic Flat.

Ultra Bright Diffuser

The Ultra Bright Dual Glaze Diffuser is similar to our Prismatic Diffuser. Our Customers appreciate it's cosmetic appeal.
Measuring the Attic  
Each tube solar installation project is different and in some cases you will need to buy additional pieces of tubing or extra elbows to allow for a successful start and end to your project. How does the saying go?.. Measure twice...Cut once. MOST INSTALLATIONS WILL NOT REQUIRE EXTRA MATERIALS.
10 Inch Solar Tube

In most cases you will not need to order extra tubing. However it is recommended that you inspect the area where you want to install your tube solar skylight prior to ordering to ensure that you will have all of the necessary materials when you start your installation.

Please review our solar tube installation instructions to familiarize yourself with the installation process.


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